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International Bovine Meat Agreement

The Parties to this Agreement,

Convinced that increased international cooperation should be carried out in such a way as to contribute to the achievement of greater liberalization, stability and expansion in international trade in meat and live animals;

Taking into account the need to avoid serious disturbances in international trade in bovine meat and live animals;

Recognizing the importance of production and trade in bovine meat and live animals for the economies of many countries, especially for certain developed and developing countries;

Mindful of their obligations to the principles and objectives of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (hereinafter referred to as"GATT 1994");

Determined, in carrying out the aims of this Agreement to implement the principles and objectives agreed upon in the Tokyo Declaration of Ministers dated 14 September 1973, in particular as concerns special and more favourable treatment for developing countries;

Hereby agree as follows:



The objectives of this Agreement shall be:

1. to promote the expansion, ever greater liberalization and stability of the international meat and livestock market by facilitating the progressive dismantling of obstacles and restrictions to world trade in bovine meat and live animals, including those which compartmentalize this trade, and by improving the international framework of world trade to the benefit of both consumer and producer, importer and exporter;

2. to encourage greater international cooperation in all aspects affecting the trade in bovine meat and live animals with a view in particular to greater rationalization and more efficient distribution of resources in the international meat economy;

3. to secure additional benefits for the international trade of developing countries in bovine meat and live animals through an improvement in the possibilities for these countries to participate in the expansion of world trade in these products by means of inter alia:

(a) promoting long-term stability of prices in the context of an expanding world market for bovine meat and live animals; and

(b) promoting the maintenance and improvement of the earnings of developing countries that are exporters of bovine meat and live animals;
the above with a view thus to deriving additional earnings, by means of securing long-term stability of markets for bovine meat and live animals;

4. to further expand trade on a competitive basis taking into account the traditional position of efficient producers.

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