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International Dairy Agreement

The Parties to this Agreement, Recognizing the importance of milk and dairy products to the economy of many countries1 in terms of production, trade and consumption;

Recognizing the need, in the mutual interests of producers and consumers, and of exporters and importers, to avoid surpluses and shortages, and to maintain prices at an equitable level;

Noting the diversity and interdependence of dairy products;

Noting the situation in the dairy products market, which is characterized by very wide fluctuations and the proliferation of export and import measures;

Considering that improved cooperation in the dairy products sector contributes to the attainment of the objectives of expansion and liberalization of world trade, and the implementation of the principles and objectives concerning developing countries agreed upon in the Tokyo Declaration of Ministers dated 14 September 1973;

Determined to respect the principles and objectives of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 19942 and, in carrying out the aims of this Agreement, effectively to implement the principles and objectives agreed upon in the said Tokyo Declaration;

Hereby agree as follows:.

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