World Trade Organization


  • To examine and suggest the requirements and necessary actions to be undertaken by the Government/Organizations/agencies as per the provisions of different protocols and agreements leading to formation of World Trade Organization.

  • To chalk out and monitor the detailed, time bound, action plans to be adopted by the different public and private sector organizations.

  • To apprise the Chief Minister Punjab, on quarterly basis, about the progress of implementation of action plans of different agencies, organizations and institutions.

  • To examine the various provisions of different protocols and suggest fiscal, legal, trade and non-trade measures for adoption of policies, accordingly.

  • To overview the international adoption of policies under WTO provisions by different countries and guide government for taking different action accordingly.

  • To establish data bank and information center to help the public in general and the concerned stakeholders in specific, for adoption of required changes at particular time.

  • To organize training for capacity building of public and private sector stakeholders to cope with the situation under WTO regime.

  • To address and prepare public and private sector stakeholders for sanitary, phytosanitary and proprietary issues under WTO regime.

  • To co-ordinate with the Provincial, National, International agencies / organizations / institutions for updating information under changing scenario of implementation of WTO provisions.

  • To suggest ways and means to balance/mitigate adverse effects of the WTO regime.

  • To help out the future negotiation terms of Pakistan / Punjab for tackling different problems under WTO provisions.

  • To constantly monitor and analyze the fresh developments under WTO regime for ascertaining impacts on Provincial, Sectoral and National interests.

WTO Cell, Planning & Development Department
Government of the Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore

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