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Welcome Address
by Mr. Nabeel Javed, Additional Secretary, IC&I Department, Govt. of the Punjab.

It is immense pleasure for me to welcome the distinguished guests from esteemed organizations of public and private sector involved in industrial development of Pakistan. I owe special gratitude to Mr. Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta, Director General IPO-Pakistan and Dr. Shujaat Ali, Secretary Industries, Commerce & Investment (IC&I) Department, Govt. of the Punjab for gracing the occasion with their presence.
As you are well aware that after introduction of WTO regime in mid nineties protection of IP rights i.e. Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs, Geographical Indications etc. for development of genuine businesses and documentation of economy, has got prominence in the developed as well as developing countries.
Geographical Indications have been used effective economic tool by a number of countries in the world and they have gained significant financial benefits through use of their GIs and effective marketing at national and international level.

“IP Management in Pakistan; Importance of GI Protection”
(Ms. Nadia Zubair Shah, Deputy Director(Legal), IPO-HQs, Islamabad)

Download Presentaion delivered by Ms. Nadia Zubair Shah, Deputy Director(Legal), IPO-HQs, Islamabad

“GIs as economic tool for development of SMEs: Current Status of GI Protection in Pakistan: Future Scenario”
(Mr. Muhammad Ismail, Deputy Director (Incharge), IPO Regional Office, Lahore)

Download Presentaion delivered by Mr. Muhammad Ismail, Deputy Director (Incharge), IPO Regional Office, Lahore

“GIs of Punjab: Problems faced for protection and commercialization”
(Mr. Hamid Malhi, President, Basmati Growers Association)

Download Presentaion delivered by Mr. Hamid Malhi, President, Basmati Growers Association

Closing Session Address
by the Chief Guest (Mr. Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta, Director General, IPO Pakistan)

Intellectual Property is one of the major components for economic development of a nation. The modern era progress and prosperity of business and market mostly depends upon intangible assets. The countries who have managed their intellectual assets properly, have obtained prominent stature among the comity of nations. IP is a powerful catalyst of economic growth and wealth creation. IP is both the cause and effect of economic strength of a country. Its intelligent use can bring about exponential acceleration in economic growth by innovation. A strong and well managed IP regime is therefore a paramount national imperative for achieving the objective of competitive economy.

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are very important business entrepreneurs all over the world especially in developing countries. They constitute about 90% of businesses in developing countries including Pakistan. SME sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. According to SMEDA’s latest estimates there are approximately 3.2 million business enterprises in Pakistan. Enterprises employing up to 99 persons constitute over 90% of all private enterprises in the industrial sector and employ nearly 78% of the non-agriculture labor force. They contribute over 30% to the GDP and account 25% of exports of manufactured goods besides sharing 35% in manufacturing value added. Promotion of SMEs and protection of their IP rights at national and international level has therefore been the center piece of Government’s strategy for economic revival, poverty alleviation and employment generation. Improving and enforcing Intellectual Property rights for SMEs is one of the key policy aspects which we are pursuing now a days in Pakistan.

Concluding Address
(Dr. Shujat Ali, Secretary IC&I Department, Govt. of the Punjab)

I would like to thank all the participants for being here to make this event successful. I congratulate the team of Registration of Geographical Indications Project, Industries, Commerce & Investment Department, Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan and Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) for organizing such an enlightening and informative seminar. In future, the IC&I Department plans to organize more seminars in different divisions of Punjab with collaboration of IPO Pakistan and Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

I request Director General, IPO Pakistan for early disposal of already submitted nine (9) applications pending for last couple of years. The Geographical Indications (G.Is) applications may be treated separately as collective trade mark so that these may be decided / registered on priority. I once again thankful to all the participants for sparing time to attend the seminar. Proposals / suggestions on the subject will be highly appreciated.

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