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Initial Offer of Pakistan in Services Sector

Conditional Initial Offer on Services
The following communication, dated 24 May 2005, from the delegation of Pakistan, is being circulated to the Members of the Council for Trade in Services.

1. The initial offer follows the editorial conventions as contained in the Secretariat document JOB (02)/88, dated 16 July 2002, vis-à-vis:

2. Pakistan also reserves the right to modify, extend, reduce and withdraw in whole or in part its initial conditional offer at any time prior to the conclusion of the current services negotiations.  Furthermore, Pakistan reserves the right to make technical amendments to this offer and make corrections to rectify any errors or inaccuracies as well as to clarify and interpret the terms and conditions of this offer.

3. This offer is not offering in any way the privatization of public undertakings or as preventing Pakistan from regulating public and private services in order to meet national policy objectives.  Neither will this offer hinder Pakistan’s right to establish, maintain, and fully enforce its domestic laws protecting, inter alia, consumers, health, safety, and the environment, as well as take actions that it considers necessary for the protection of its essential security interests.

4. The classification of service sectors in this initial offer is based on the 1991 Provisional Central Product Classification (CPC) of the United Nations Statistical Office, unless otherwise specified.  The listing order of the sectors in the schedule is based on the Services Sectoral Classification list contained in document MTN.GNS/W/120 dated 10 July 1991.

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