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WTO Regime And Its Impact On Pakistan

As far as the industrial sector is concerned, at the moment Pakistan the main export of Pakistan is Textile and related products. These are discussed separately in this report. The non-textile export of Pakistan is negligible. This trend needs to be changed as no country should rely solely on the export of one or few products. On the Import side, Pakistan recently has rationalized its tariff structure to a large extent.

The average tariff in Pakistan is around 17 percent with only four tariff slabs. There should not be any adverse affects on the domestic producer with the globalization as the local industry has already adjusted to the increased competition from global market. This however does not hold true for automobile industry, which still enjoys high protection and needs to become efficient if it wants to survive. This study attempts to analyze the impact of WTO on the important sectors in Pakistan i.e. Industry, Textile, Agriculture and Services.

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Courtesy Mr. Asim Imdad, Joint Director, CSA.

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