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WTO CELL Planning and Development Department, Lahore

Establishment of a WTO Cell in P&D, Department is one of the policy initiatives of the Chief Minister Punjab. Restructuring of the industrial and economic sector of the Punjab province forms a priority area of Chief Minister's Vision 2020 seeking to transform the province into a modern state. In order to meet the challenges of a changing world economic scene characterized by globalization and open trade frontiers, the Government of the Punjab has established a WTO Cell in the Planning and Development Department. The Cell has become operational from 8th April, 2003 and is currently looking after the large policy issues related to WTO.  The provincial departments of Agriculture, Industry, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Environment Protection have also established similar cells which are carrying out the main tasks related to their particular sectors. Whereas the WTO Cell of P&D is functioning as the focal point for coordinating with all stakeholders, provincial government departments; federal government departments; and private sector organizations.

The WTO Cell at P & D department has an Advisory Body. The Members include the secretaries of Finance, Agriculture, Industries, Livestock, Forestry/Fisheries, Environment, Labour, Law and Food Departments. Further, Export Promotion Bureau, Chambers of Commerce, Trade, Industry and Agriculture as well as private sectors are also represented in the Advisory Body of the Cell. 

The WTO Cell is also providing advisory and consultancy services; capacity building, training programs; awareness and appraisal workshops and seminars. The Cell is collaborating with all interested individuals, organizations, and departments for the above mentioned purposes.

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